Course Material:

The material is derived from courses that have been developed over the last 20 years for VARS, Software houses, Telecoms Suppliers and Operators. The Focus of all the material is around selling systems and associated services. Pre-recorded cassette material, with scripts in the workbooks, is used to provide examples of good and bad technique for discussion purposes.

All the material is in MS products and can easily be tailored to specific company requirements. It has full tutor/student workbooks, role-plays, "Key Point" reminder booklets, overheads and so on. Versions of the material are run by a number of trainers around the world.

The courses are essentially of a practical and highly interactive nature. There is a strong emphasis on helping sales staff to develop sound business cases throughout the programme. This, coupled with the specific focus on selling IT solutions, is a an aspect that compares well with other courses on the market. Attendees are encouraged to apply what they have learnt after the event, and this is reinforced by planning sheets and checklists.

By the end of the programme participants will be able to:

manage their territory to maintain a steady flow of prospective customers
qualify these to focus where there is the best chance of success
maintain a high sales conversion rate by
  1. planning campaigns and calls
  2. face to face solution selling
  3. producing written work that influences senior management
  4. making effective business focused presentations
negotiate to preserve margins
manage customer expectations throughout the whole project

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